The Amrit Foundation Trust continues to promote environmental conservation throughout the Manrik Group, by encouraging the use of environmental-friendly products, proper waste management and energy conservation practices such as the use of solar power aimed at reducing the environmental impact particularly in the areas within which we operate in. All our projects are powered by solar installation.

Human existence is quite impossible without the presence of a healthy ecosystem. Our environment comprises all living and non-living components and their interactions within a natural habitat.

The foundation’s initiatives in environmental conservation include:


Aquila Development Company Limited continues to deploy best management practice, a floriculture industry-driven effort to maintain production in a profitable, environmentally-sensitive and sustainable manner.

The company is committed to maintaining, protecting and improving the environment with sustainable development. Certain areas of the farm have been allocated to forestry conservation. The management team actively and continuously looks for areas within the premises to plant trees thus ensuring continued improvement of the environment. As a result of tree planting several different bird species have inhabited the area.


In Amboseli, it is unfortunate that the beautiful landscape with the scenic view of Mount Kilimanjaro is prone to prolonged droughts year in year out. The rocky terrains barely hold water long enough to farm subsistence produce. As such, we are always on hand to participate in initiatives that promote environmental awareness in the area. These initiatives include tree planting in conjunction with the community, provision of clean water for the employees, their families and the neighboring communities.

To actively participate in those noble causes, contact the Amrit Foundation Trust and we will be more than happy to provide further details and information.