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Makindu Hospital is the sole initiative of Harbans Singh, the founding trustee of the Amrit Foundation.

Makindu town is situated approximately 200 kilomters south of Nairobi along the main Nairobi-Mombasa Highway. The town is a small trading centre and the population of Makwani District are substance farmers. Due to poor and inconsistent rainfall over the years, the people are subjected to limited crop production and malnutrition as a result of poor crop yields is a regular phenomena .

Over the years, the hospital has played a strategic and important role for the treatment of the general public and is ideally situated for treating accident, injury and sickness cases. The hospital is equipped to cater for accident victims, basic diagnostics, emergencies, diseases and maternity patients. It also hosts an operating theatre, pharmacy, eye clinic, dental clinic, laboratory, an x-ray unit and patient rooms and wards. The hospital also supports its staff providing accommodation within the premises.

The Makindu Hospital is now the region’s most advanced and professionally managed medical hospital. The Foundation has partnered with various organisations including Lions Club International and Rotary International to support and run the facilities.


Main entrance to the hospital


Patients awaiting treatment at a health camp day


Reception Area


Another Building

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