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As little as it may seem, your help reaches children far and abroad. Making a difference starts by wanting to help and by encouraging others to assist in this noble cause. Help can be translated in joining our family, fundraising and organizing new projects. The most important atribute of our organization is our motto: “Better Education, More Opportunities, Better Society”.

The Amrit Foundation encourages and seeks the goodwill of individuals, companies, organisations and other sources to join hands with the Foundation in achieving the wider goal of our vision and mission of helping the less-fortunate of our society.

You can assist in any way that you may desire. Some of the ways we can suggest are food, clothing, medication, educational materials, finance for volunteer staff or sponsorship for a special-needs child, amongst others.

To lend a hand of help, contact us, and we will be more then happy to provide further details and information.

All our project funding and utilisation is documented in detail and regular reports sent to our donors with invites to visit the projects.

Mandip Singh Amrit : kamrit@manrik.com
Kumar Dhall :kdhall@manrik.com



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