welcome to amrit foundation


The strife and suffering of communities and particularly children across the country led to the establishment of the Amrit Foundation. This being a key stepping stone towards Manrik Group’s continued commitment to philanthropic ventures. It is a private foundation driven by our dedicated passion for social work.

We are a non-profit social, charitable organization, working purely in the interest of empowerment, advancement, well-being and education of less fortunate individuals. Our transparent operations are free from caste, creed and gender affiliations. We promote zero tolerance for corruption and misappropriation within the Foundation. Our objective is to develop mutual trust and integrity among Amrit Foundation members and volunteers. These are fundamental to the way we operate.

Amrit Foundation works on a Social Venture Philanthropy model. Our core competencies that make a strong foundation for our projects are sustainability, accountability, credibility and effective leadership.

Our aim is to develop grass root initiatives in the areas we work in translating our corporate social responsibility. In this regard the four key areas we intend to focus on are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Food Aid &
  • Social Development

To this effect the Manrik Group has over the last twenty years worked on and funded various projects successfully by channelling funds for specific needs.

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